Customised Persinality TrophiesPersinality Trophies (yes this is the correct spelling) had been operating in Ascot Vale since 1974 and is a family run and owned business.

My father (James Sinclair) began the business and ran it until he passed away in 1996. I have been here since 1980 and been running the business since 1996.

Persinality Trophies was located in Ascot Vale (across the river from the Anglers Tavern) and have recently made the decision to move to new and easier to park premises at 6B/178 Duke St. Braybrook off Ballarat Rd, behind Braybrook Secondary College.


A trophy is a sign of victory.

If you are at the ‘giving end’ of appreciation, you will see how acknowledging and recognising people, wins their engagement and commitment towards enhanced performance.


Acrylic blue glass plaqueSince 1974 our Braybrook trophy shop services all of Melbourne, including Caroline Springs! We have the best trophy collection Braybrook and Footscray has to offer. We offer a complete range of trophies suitable for all occasions, from top talent awards in corporate events or a school sports game.

Trophies are a popular token of appreciation to reward contestants based on their performance during sports and other competitions. We house a range of trophies that vary in terms of size, colour, shape and material used to manufacture them. Whether you want to present a trophy to a tennis match winner, employee of the month or your top graduate, we have something for each of our clients in Melbourne.

Our academic, corporate and sports trophies are customised based on the requirements of our clients, the event, the budget and the preferences. We can work with a variety of colours and can effectively make trophies look valuable and aesthetically appealing. Each of our designs for corporate trophies can be customised according to the theme of your corporation. Similarly our sports trophies can be customized according to the sports event and can incorporate the insignia of sponsors as well.

From traditional to modern and exquisite sculpted trophies, we deal with all kinds of simple and complex designs! Each trophy presented by our Melbourne client is memorable to the receiver. It becomes a symbol of their achievement and victory, and therefore should be manufactured with care so that it becomes an ornate work of art, which they can display proudly in their home or office. The one who receives a trophy made by Persinality Trophies will be proud to display it on their mantle pieces for others to admire!

In comparison to gift vouchers or other monetary incentives, trophies are long lasting and therefore should be of the quality that can endure wear and tear so that they can retain their newness for a longer duration. Our trophy collection for our clients in Melbourne, including Braybrook and Footscray meets all the aesthetic and functional requirements! So book your order with us today!