Medals and awards play an important role as self-esteem boosters!


MedalsA medal represents an outstanding performance – a sign of quality and talent. Recognize the best of your people by presenting them with top quality medals, plaques and awards in Melbourne and Braybrook – Persinality Trophies!

Medals are versatile – not only can they be presented for a varying range of events; they can also be classified according to different levels of achievements. The most common form of doing this is by having gold, silver and bronze medal – gold medals are awarded to those who are the highest of performers, silver to those with the second level of performance and bronze for ones at the third level.


Having a gold medal is a matter of prestige, but winning silver or bronze is no less. The medals we design for our Melbourne clients can carry the insignia of your corporation, mention the achievement and also the name of the event; so when the receiver has it on display, the medal speaks for itself!

If you are looking for the best quality custom plaques in Melbourne, then be sure to check out the range at Persinality Trophies. Plaques being of a larger size provide you a larger space to incorporate information related to it. You can include a picture, your corporate logo and even a quotation to go on the plaque.


Medals MaidstoneSimilarly, if you are looking for a manufacturer of top quality awards in Braybrook then Persinality Trophies are the ones you need to visit! Awards are also great at being versatile. They can be used effectively in academic institutes, by corporations and also to recognize different achievements during a sports event. Awards can also be issued according to dates, for example to recognize departments that have earned the highest ROI according to the financial years or to recognize the best reader in a high school year for that particular semester.

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