Sporting events are incomplete without a reward at the end for the winning teams and players that have given an exceptional performance in the game. At Persinality Trophies we provide trophies for Soccer, golf, dance, tennis, cricket, darts, lawn bowls, football to a majority of local clubs.


Sporting TrophiesSporting Trophies by Persinality Trophies for our Melbourne Clients – We are experts in designing and manufacturing elegant and attractive custom Soccer, golf, dance, tennis, cricket, darts, lawn bowls, football trophies for our clients. We can come up with varying designs and shapes of sporting trophies for any sports competition being planned that will make the game more exciting and motivate the players to perform proficiently in the game in order to win the trophy.

If you arrange a corporate sporting event in Melbourne, the moment your players set their eyes on the prize, that is, the beautiful and elegant trophy up for grabs, they will be motivated to give their all in the game. You will enjoy a healthy competition and the players of the winning team will walk away with a valuable sports trophy at the end of the game.

A number of our Melbourne clients desire their sports trophy designs to incorporate the symbol of the sport ball in some shape-for example some prefer a golf ball to appear as an image and others have the entire golf trophy design shaped like a golf ball. Whatever your preferences may be, we can follow them to come up with a unique and beautiful sports trophy for the next event you are arranging.


If you want to show your appreciation to a long standing client or a supplier who has been working with you loyally for a long time, giving them a crystal trophy or a Glass Trophy as a recognition of their partnership with your business can make your relationship with them even stronger. We make sure that the finishing of the trophy we design for you is immaculate so that the final product meets your requirements perfectly. The combination of our designing and expert execution of it will surely meet your expectations. To recognise achievements of your people and give back to them something that carries physical and sentimental value place your orders for sporting trophies and crystal trophies with us at Persinality Trophies – provider of top quality custom trophies in Melbourne.