If you are looking for the best quality custom plaques in Melbourne, then be sure to check out the range at Persinality Trophies. Plaques being of a larger size provide you a larger space to incorporate information related to it. You can include a picture, your corporate logo and even a quotation to go on the plaque.

Customised Plaques-Maidstone Braybrook Essendon

Our collection of top quality plaques and custom plaques for our Melbourne clients also offers versatile usage options. You can use a plaque to commemorate your key people, important events or place a plaque near an important building or area. We can provide you a perpetual plaque to note down names of important people according to the tenure they have served. For example, if you own a sports team, you can display the names of the Captains of the teams with the tenure they have served. If you are a business owner, you can note down the names of ‘Employee of the Year’ and mention the year they earned this achievement. This and so much more – we can design beautiful and elegant plaques that can serve any purpose you desire!