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Our clients are from all over Melbourne with many from the western suburbs around Braybrook, Caroline Springs, Essendon, Moonee Ponds and Sunshine.


Glass AwardsGlass AwardsTo make sure you are motivating people whether they are working in a company for you, studying at your university, performing research work for your institution or playing professional sports for you, you must let them know that you are aware of their contributions by offering them recognition for their achievments. Monetary rewards are quite effective incentives, but they are short-term and their value decreases within short period of time. If you want to recognize your people over the long-term, offer them awards and trophies because these will not just stay with them for longer durations, these can be displayed as well and therefore they serve as a continuous reminder of their achievements!


Awards and trophies that have glass etching are quickly gaining popularity amongst our Melbourne clients including those in Essendon. Awards and trophies with glass etching are being preferred because they give a modern, sophisticated and an elegant look. They are probably the most aesthetically pleasing kind, giving a chic and classic look. So if they are placed on the mantel piece at home, they serve as beautiful decoration pieces as well!

You can have a glass etching work that mentions the name of your sponsors, if it is being used to recognize performances in a sports event for example. If it is being presented to recognize an employee’s performance on a specific project however, you can even go as far as to have the name of the employee engraved along with your company logo on the award or trophy.

Getting personalized awards and trophies with glass etching can really win commitment from your employees who will do their best to make your Essendon, Caroline Springs or Sunshine business or club to soar even higher! They will feel valued and appreciated – great boosters of self-esteem and effective motivators!


Crystal Awards by Persinality Trophies for our Melbourne Clients

Crystal Trophies MelbourneIf you want to make your Awards appear classier then let us at Persinality Trophies design and manufacture crystal Awards for your Melbourne business. Crystal Awards have an air of sophistication and preciousness around them; they make for highly valuable and prestigious Awards that become a source of pride and delight for the receivers. We can make custom-made crystal awards for our Melbourne clients by incorporating the text and image of their choice.

A number of our Melbourne clients prefer to get custom crystal awards made by us because they appear high quality, contemporary and professional. When you present crystal awards to your employees, best performers and achievers, they make for valuable decorative pieces and memoirs of their achievements.


AWARDS AND TROPHIES CAROLINE SPRINGS ESSENDON SUNSHINEThe glass etching can also be used to create unique awards and trophies that are a step up from the standardized kind of awards. Handing over a customized glass etched award or trophy shows your commitment towards recognizing your people and it reflects how important you consider the award to be because you took the time out to get a special custom designed award made.

All our awards and trophies for our clients are made from top quality materials so that our products are of superior quality and long lasting. They are also made-to-fit according to our client’s budgets. We follow quality standards strictly and also within the deadline we commit with our clients.

So for gorgeous looking awards and trophies with glass etching in Essendon, Caroline Springs, Sunshine and the western suburbs, just browse through our collection and place your order with us at Persinality Trophies. Our expert designers can sit with you to gather your requirements and come up with unique and exquisite awards and trophies with elegant glass etching for you!