School, Business, Magnetic, Engraved, Custom Name Badges Melbourne


If you are looking for top quality custom badges for your business or commercial set-up in Melbourne then Persinality Trophies can design and manufacture the best ones for you.

What is a Badge?

A badge would generally bear the name of the company, and the name and the title of the person wearing it. Custom badges can be created by us upon the request of our Melbourne clients which incorporate their company’s logo or insignia as well. Custom badges can also be created by coming up with varying shapes according to the needs and requirements of our Melbourne clients.


Name Badges By Persinality Trophies for our Melbourne Clients Persinality Trophies can help you create awareness about your brand identity in a highly sophisticated and professional manner by providing you top quality business name badges. These badges can be worn by your employees, displaying clearly and boldly, the name of your business and its logo.

When your employees wear business name badges it helps in strengthening the brand of your Melbourne business because they are visually displaying the name of your business as they serve your customers. Other benefits you can enjoy by letting us provide you custom business name badges for your Melbourne set-up include

Helping your employees gain recognition and identity

Creating feelings of affiliation with the business and a sense of belonging

Ensuring only authorized personnel that wear the badge enter your business premises, helping you increase the security levels

Making it easy for your customers to ask for help from your employees because they can gain attention by addressing them by their names

Creating an effect of personalized services by making communication with customers more personal as they can converse with your employees using their names


School Badges by Persinality Trophies for our Melbourne Clients When your students display school badges on their uniforms, they feel a sense of belonging to your institution. Persinality Trophies can come up with unique and creative designs of school badges for our Melbourne clients that can help in creating a professional image of your school in the market.

We can create custom school badges for you, incorporating text as per your requirement. Your students will feel proud wearing a school badge which says Monitor, Student of the Year, Head Boy, Head Girl, etc. They will become a source of inspiration and motivation for other students as well who will work hard to become the next bearer of the badge.

By having school badges made that display the identity of students belonging to your Melbourne school, you will be encouraging students to socialize with each other and remember colleagues by name. This will make it easy for your students to bond with each other and also aid teacher-student bonding.


Magnetic & Engraved Name Badges by Persinality Trophies for our Melbourne Clients


If you want to make your badges special, and enhance their quality and appeal then Persinality Trophies Melbourne can provide you magnetic and engraved custom badges for your commercial and business set-ups in Melbourne. These will lift the professional value of your name badges and make your set-up in Melbourne appear formal and highly sophisticated.


So place an order with us at Persinality Trophies for delivery of high-class business name badges and school badges for your set-ups in Melbourne.