Trophies and Engraving, Glass Trophies Engraving Melbourne




machine uses diamond drag/rotary and high speed cutters.

Materials Used Are Aluminiums, Brass, Plastics


For Engraving On Silverware And Pewter



Machine uses CO2 laser for engraving and cutting out materials.

Materials Possibilities Are - Laser Steel Laser Aluminiums, Plastic, Glass, Acrylic, Crystal, Wood, Outdoor Plastics


For Engraving Glass, Crystal (Lead Free)


Engraved awards and trophies have a greater meaning and are better at recognizing top performers!

When you present someone an award or a trophy that has their name or their achievement engraved on it, it automatically becomes one of the most cherished possessions of the receiver! Engraved trophies and awards are quite popular and preferred because they are more personalized and have a character to them - they are more than being cold-hearted, standardized objects.


Persinality Trophies offers their clients in Braybrook the option of top quality laser engraving on the awards and trophies they order from us! Laser engraving is great at quickly and conveniently carving names on different objects including company logos and other similar insignia on the trophy or award you are about to present to someone. With the evolution in laser technology and the rise in customer demand, it has become essential for a business like us to understand, own and work with laser engraving technology so we can offer a range of customized and versatile trophies and awards.

The laser engraving we provide to our clients in Braybrook and other areas is durable and long lasting. It is more resistant to the regular wear and tear it may have to suffer as people hold your trophy in their hands in admiration and turn it around to read the engraving. You can easily clean your plaques, awards and trophies without fearing that you will eventually wipe off the engraving on it because our laser engraving is strong and persistent!

The other advantage of laser engraving is its ability to get creative, and that too conveniently! Through laser engraving technology, we can easily and cost-effectively meet the needs of our clients in Braybrook who show their desire to have the most complex graphics on their trophies and awards. Now it is possible for us to capture and incorporate eye-catching symbols, emblems and other kinds of graphics on our products that have a great impact on improving the aesthetic appeal of them!

We can use our laser engraving technology to print custom text on awards, trophies and plaques as desired by our clients in Braybrook and other areas. These can range from quotations to common company phrases, the team or school motto, and other inspirational or motivational words.


Our laser engraving process is safe, quick, accurate, reliable, durable and precise! The entire engraving process is done using high quality and efficient equipment without our employees coming into contact. Through it we are able to product clear and crisp designs with fine edges and sharp lines. Since our laser equipment works at a good speed, we are able to create a good pace for our orders. All our employees are trained to use equipment involved in the process efficiently so that they can produce high quality results.

So whether you are an academic institution, want to reward your employees at a corporate event or are hosting a sporting event in Braybrook, order your trophies, awards and plaques with laser engraving from Persinality Trophies!